Design Ideas for Bead Earrings Are Not Hard To Come By

Bead Earrings Creating design ideas for bead earrings is a hobby I enjoy in my spare time. There are various designs one can utilize and all sorts of beads you can use to create beautiful beaded earrings. One can choose to use crystal beads and glass beads. Beading design ideas … Continue reading

Basic Beading Techniques

Bead Techniques Before you tackle the more difficult beading projects, there are a few basic bead techniques you should familiarize yourself with to make your crafting experience a pleasurable one. Depending on how far you want to pursue beading, it is always a good idea to master the basics of beading … Continue reading

Seed Beads – A brief history and the latest Miyuki Peanut Seed Bead trend

Peanut Seed Beads “Seed Bead” is a generic term used to describe any small sized bead.  For those of you who like seed beads, you are not alone with these tiny beads proving to have been a beading favourite throughout history.  Seed beads have been discovered in Nigeria, Spain and … Continue reading

Getting Beautiful Design Ideas for Beaded Necklaces and Beaded Jewelry

Bead Necklaces and Beaded Jewelry I enjoy creating bead necklaces and beaded jewelry in my spare time. There are a variety of designs you can utilize and different types of beads you can use to create a beautiful beaded masterpiece. Crystal beads and glass beads are favorite beads of mine … Continue reading

Are All Beads Created Equal? (Differences in quality between Japanese, Czech and Chinese beads)

Bead Quality If you are a beginner to the hobby of beading, you may be confused by the choices in beads and their origins. Are all beads created equal?-the answer is no! There are differences in price, quality and production techniques, when comparing the largest manufacturing countries of glass beads. … Continue reading

Best Bead Stringing Material

Bead Stringing Material Finding the best bead stringing material for your particular project can be important. There are differences in appearance, whether you are threading beads, weaving beads or using jewelry wire to create your beaded projects. You may be wondering if it really matters, but you want to be … Continue reading

Designing Issues – Where To Start With Original Beading Projects

Beading Projects Designing issues and knowing where to start can be the most difficult part of original beading projects, if you want them to look professionally created. There are several factors to consider when selecting the ideal beads for your finished piece. Whether you are making handmade jewelry or looming an … Continue reading

Other Bead Styles To Add Elegance Or Visual Interest

Bead Styles There are standard beads and also other Bead Styles you will want to include for adding a bit of pizzazz or uniqueness. These more complex styles of beads add elegance and visual interest, so you don’t want to overlook them when stocking your supply boxes for making beaded jewelry. There … Continue reading