Basic Beading Techniques

Bead Techniques Before you tackle the more difficult beading projects, there are a few basic bead techniques you should familiarize yourself with to make your crafting experience a pleasurable one. Depending on how far you want to pursue beading, it is always a good idea to master the basics of beading … Continue reading

Seed Beads – A brief history and the latest Miyuki Peanut Seed Bead trend

Peanut Seed Beads “Seed Bead” is a generic term used to describe any small sized bead.  For those of you who like seed beads, you are not alone with these tiny beads proving to have been a beading favourite throughout history.  Seed beads have been discovered in Nigeria, Spain and … Continue reading

Getting Beautiful Design Ideas for Beaded Necklaces and Beaded Jewelry

Bead Necklaces and Beaded Jewelry I enjoy creating bead necklaces and beaded jewelry in my spare time. There are a variety of designs you can utilize and different types of beads you can use to create a beautiful beaded masterpiece. Crystal beads and glass beads are favorite beads of mine … Continue reading