I come from a family of beaders.  My sister and I learnt from Mum, Mum learnt from grandma and grandma was self-taught.  I grew up being surrounded by so many beads that I could not help but be inspired.

Beads are so much fun.  As beaders, we can add colour, sparkle, elegance, shimmer and class to any piece.  We can thread, we can weave and we can create anything whether it be a simple bracelet or sparkling tiara.

Beading provides us with a relaxation to escape the stresses of everyday life.  It is a place where we can retreat and express ourselves in a manner which is beautiful.  No two creations need to be the same.  There need not be success and failure, only experimentation and learning.

This site is dedicated to all of you out there who share our passion for beading, and explores how anyone can get started in beading and where it can lead to.

Be inspired.  Have fun.  Happy beading!


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