Acrylic and Plastic Beads – Get The Kids Involved In Beading!


Plastic beads

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Acrylic and Plastic Beads

Acrylic beads and plastic beads are available in many colors and shapes- featuring large holes for the smaller hands of children.

If your child has expressed an interest in artistic and creative projects, acrylic and plastic beads can be an affordable way to introduce them to a hobby that may turn into a lifelong interest. It’s possible to find plastic, acrylic and resin beads that resemble more expensive crystal or glass beads, but they are affordable enough to let the kids experiment with, once they are old enough to express an interest.


Cheap, large plastic beads are best for younger children, but pre-teens love making their own jewelry or personalized gifts for their friends.

The sooner you involve your children in beading projects, the more likely they are to develop a passion for this creative hobby. It goes without saying that children should be old enough to avoid choking hazards involved with small beads and parental supervision is required, but it’s a great hobby for families to do together.


It might be best to buy acrylic beads and plastic beads in bulk, since you can find better deals, regardless of whether they are Lucite or resin beads, plastic or acrylic. Popular shapes are round, cube and shaped like fun things, such as flowers, butterflies and even, sea shells or hearts. Since teenagers are prone to like different types of jewelry-making materials, you may need to find some leather strands or colorful yarns and strings. This is perfectly fine for younger children because there isn’t a needle required, if you purchase large-holed, plastic or acrylic beads.


There are many other projects you can make with these larger versions because beaded key-chains, refrigerator magnets and girl’s hair decorations are popular projects. It’s simple to design necklaces and bracelets, but today’s kids may want unique items, such as ankle bracelets or alphabet beads, to make personal identification bracelets. If you search online, you are likely to find a wide array of beading projects for younger children. With acrylic or plastic beads, you will find they are affordable projects that are lighter-weight, too.


Acrylic or plastic beads allow your children to make handmade jewelry at a low price, meaning you can let them spend hours designing and creating their own projects. If the entire family gets involved, it’s easy to purchase a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, to suit everybody’s taste. Stroking your child’s artistic interests can involve a number of activities, but many of today’s families are finding that beading projects are a great way to teach kids about combining colors and shapes, to bring out their own unique tastes.


If you are interested in starting this fun and relaxing family activity, plastic and acrylic beads, along with colorful string may be all you need to get started. Because of the wide variety and the low prices on bulk quantities, it only takes a minor investment to bring out your child’s creative talents, which might become life-long passions.

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  1. These are the most wonderful beads, pieces look funny but classy, I love them.

    • Great feedback Molly. One of my favourite things about beading is that the kids can get involved and have fun. The bright colours are just so much fun!

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