Adding Sparkle With Bicone Crystal Beads

Bicone crystal beads

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Bicone Crystal Beads

The best way to remember the shape of a Bicone-shaped bead is to remember it is viewed as two identical cones, joined together at the base. In jewelry-making, Bicone crystal beads can add three-dimensional quality, but they may be referred to as diamond-shaped crystals, depending on who is describing them. Bicone crystal beads are a popular way to create any type of jewelry, even if you are using smaller beads for spacers or accents.


Because they are faceted to reflect light, they lend a brilliant and sparkling appearance to any jewelry you make. For beginners, beaded jewelry made from Bicone crystal beads may appear more professionally-made and they are available in many colors and sizes. Swarovski is one of the most popular brands of these beads, but there are other makers, including the more-affordable, Chinese-crystals made by Thunder Polish and the Czech-cut, Preciosa Bicone crystal beads.


You may want to choose uniform sizes of Bicone crystal beads for earrings, but you can mix up the sizes, when designing a necklace. Experimenting with complementary colors, finishes or materials and sizes yield different results. Depending on what kind of jewelry you are making, you can choose from a consistent or random pattern, in your design.


Many beading enthusiasts use Bicone crystal beads to make interesting gifts, such as keychain embellishments or even, making mini-crystal balls, using a right-angle, bead-weaving technique. Because of their shapes, Bicone crystal beads are perfect for making a variety of things besides jewelry, but their reflective brilliance is why they are commonly used to make necklaces and earrings.


For beginners, it’s possible to experiment with simple designs, by using metallic wire and metallic Swarovski Bicone crystal beads, for example. Because crystals are known for adding a chic or elegant appearance to handmade jewelry, you can hardly make a mistake! The interesting shape of these beads will add reflective and sparkling qualities to any of your handmade projects, which is why they are a popular choice, over some other shapes.


Since they are available in a rainbow-spectrum of colors and they come in all sizes, it’s possible for all ages to use basic jewelry tools, designs and techniques to make bracelets, necklaces and earrings, using Bicone crystal beads. If you ask some of the more experienced beading enthusiasts about this type of bead, they are likely to tell you all kinds of ideas they have seen. Whether it’s a border on a store-bought scarf, handcrafted jewelry or unique magnets, there are projects that are specifically-designed for this shape.


When it comes to making handmade beaded jewelry, it’s easy to end up with sparkling, reflective results, regardless of which Bicone crystal beads you select. It’s a matter of using your creativity and some attractive jewelry wire. Differing lengths of strands yield a beautifully-crafted necklace and when laid-out in staggered rows of separated beads, a few beads can look sophisticated and classy.

This is only one of the benefits of using Bicone crystal beads, however.

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  1. nice working !!!

  2. It is a great idea to have bicone jewellery crystals in the jewellery. They really show beauty and enhance the esthetic beauty. I’d recommend these to my loveling. 🙂

  3. Jewelry will look so elegant with bicone crystal beads.I want to try to use it in one of the bracelet i will be making.

  4. This is the first time I heard about Bicone crystals and they look truly amazing. I can’t wait to try their rainbow-spectrum color and to feels gorgeous here.

  5. i like somethin glittering, because is shows something different. luxury, high class. and three dimensional beads, it is amazing

  6. Very informative article on crystal jewelry. Jewelry add glitter to life physically as well as psychologically. A person feels contented with having jewelry.

  7. This is just so beautiful. I wish to have such kind of necklace. It will make me look special.

  8. Batencila Annabelle

    Very nice piece of jewelry. I love beads because it has plenty of varieties to choose from. Just be creative and you’ll go a long way. Everybody loves jewelries because it makes us happy.

    • Great comment Batancila. Creating happiness is the essnece of any beading project and bicone crystal beads can certainly achieve that.

  9. This article introduces some informaiton about the Bicone crystal beads. It is easy to understand. I didn’t know much about this area before but I am interested in the crystal now.

    • Thanks Kerry. Bicone crystal beads are a personal favourite of mine as they add so much sparkle and interest to any beaded jewelry piece.

  10. I never knew too much about jewelries. However, after reading this article, it seems to me that bicone jewellery crystals are able to stir up my interest in this particular field. Never did I know that hand made beads can bring so much glitter with this material that glamour is definitely going to be enhanced on the one who wears this. An article as healthy as this can really make me come back for more knowledge.

  11. This jewelry is beautiful and stylish, I would wear it at a casual event such as a pic-nic or I’ll wear it with classy attire as well. This beaded necklace piece is especially great to wear with a low v-neck blouse. Jewelry like this makes for a cool conversation piece.

  12. the “beads-on-a-string” is very perpect. I wish I had it. I would wear anywhere. beatyful jewelry will make up for the woman. i really like it.

  13. I am not that fond of jewelry as i didn’t have to give to any one haha!!!!!
    But i feel the beaded jewelry are most beautiful one and i like them. The descriptions and all opinions the great info provide here to know every thing about crystal jewelry. Thank buddy!

    • Pleasure Rajeev. I’m sure that special someone is waiting for you right now to give her that bicone crystal bead necklace you have your eye on :).

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