Beads – Attraction and Desirability

Introduction to Beading

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Introduction to Beading

An introduction to Beading could include the history, types of beads and personal reasons that people are attracted to them.

Beads were used as currency, in certain cultures-dating back to the caveman days. In today’s world, beading has become a popular way to design a personalized bracelet, necklace or ring and bead-weaving is becoming a favorite pastime, all over the world. There are many clubs and societies that are devoted to the craft, regardless of what country you might be in.


Types of Beads

Whether you are interested in jewelry or beaded creations made with polished glass beads, polymer clay beads, stone beads, seed beads or even, gemstone and silver beads, you have to admit there is an attraction that seems to be personal. Pearl, ceramic or shell beads make strands that are beautiful, colorful and they can be blended in a creative and personal manner.


Colorful glass beads are becoming highly popular in personalized charm bracelets, but you may find that almost anything can be made into beads, of some sort. Wooden beaded items and even, beads made from bones are popular fashion accessory embellishments.


What is the attraction of beads?

It’s believed that beadwork or strands and bead-weaving can hold an attraction for many people, for many different reasons. Is it the reflective nature of glass or silver beads? Maybe it’s the creative and personal nature of custom-made beaded items. As a hobby, beading can be a relaxing past-time that offers easily portable supplies and it can be done, almost anywhere.


It’s an affordable way to make a personal gift for all of your friends, but you can also make them personalized with favorite colors, letters, shapes or designs. It seems there is no end to the creative and therapeutic benefits, but beautiful beaded adornments can be added to clothing, décor items and it’s believed that religious or spiritual beliefs can be focused and strengthened, through daily interactions with beads.


History of Beading:

Could the history of beading shed some light on the desirability of beaded items? Since ancient times, beaded items were worn for symbolic reasons, besides personal adornment. A rock or shell was strung on a vine, but today, it’s not uncommon to find every imaginable medium converted to beads and all types of shapes and sizes are used. Some people believe the attraction is related to the collection of individual specimens or the artistic creation of beaded masterpieces, but others seem to love the spiritual and ornamental relevance.


Today’s glassmakers, gold and silversmiths, fiber or wireworkers and artistic societies are a large part of the movement.

In an introduction to beading , the attraction can be summarized as personal in nature, whether you enjoy the creative pleasure of beading or the beauty of the finished product.

Once you have been introduced to beads, you are likely to find a personal attraction that seems unexplainable, whether you love collecting and creating or personal adornment and gifting of your talents, through the creations you make for others.

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  1. I really love glass beads, they are my actual favorites, I love how these new necklaces I did look, they are very popular I just sold 4 today and I wasn´t really trying that hard I just went to an event and I was wearing one and had 6 more in the car, a lady came by to me and asked where I got it, the rest is history.

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