Other Bead Shapes To Add To Your Beading Supplies

Bead Shapes There are different types of standard beads you should have in your beading arsenal, including round beads, faceted beads and small seed beads of all different sizes and colors. Other bead shapes include are heart beads, oval beads, square beads, teardrop beads and tube beads. Through a combination of sizes and … Continue reading

Rondelle Beads Add Visual Interest To Jewelry Or Clothing

Rondelle Beads Whether your next beading project is a fabric decoration, home décor embellishment or a handmade necklace, rondelle beads are an easy way to add visual interest. You may be wondering what types or sizes are available, but it’s easy to find a diversified selection of colors, sizes and … Continue reading

Flower Shaped Beads Make Interesting Jewelry

Flower Shaped Beads If you want to design some interesting jewelry, consider the variety of flower shaped beads that are available. While the five-petal shapes are popular, so are bell-shaped, star flower or roses and tulips. There’s no lack of creative ideas, especially since you can get them in a … Continue reading