Crystal Beads And Their Wide Appeal

Crystal beads

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Crystal Beads

Using crystal beads in handmade jewelry gives an elegant and classy look, with stunning results. Crystal beads are a great way to add sparkle to your jewelry projects and besides being chic, their clarity can be a great contrast to other types of beads. A great thing about crystal beads is they come in a variety of colors-making them perfect to accessorize any hard-to-match color scheme, found in today’s clothing.


Like other beads, they come in all sizes, including standard and seed bead sizes. Whether you are using them for accents or as the main composition of your jewelry-making project, it’s possible to add elegance and class. Many brides have found that crystal beads are the perfect way to complement their bridesmaid dresses and they can be a personalized gift, for those in the wedding party.


Swarovski Crystal beads are some of the most popular, because they are available in a rainbow-spectrum of colors. Whether you are searching for Light Peach, Rose Alabaster, Metallic Blue or White Opal Star Shine, you will be amazed at the variety available in Swarovski Crystal beads. You can find other makers of beads in this variety, which might not be as well-known as Swarovski, but they will still give you the reflective qualities that make crystal-beaded jewelry look so attractive.


With high-quality, Austrian-cut crystals, you get expertly-faceted beads that are polished to a brilliant shine, which makes them resemble diamonds and other precious stones. Briolette beads, bicone beads and even, rhinestone beads are ways to provide attention-getting results to your hand-made jewelry. It also makes it easy to create a special gift for your friends or for a special occasion. Since there are so many different types of crystal beads, it can be difficult to decide on the perfect combination of size, color and shape.


Other popular types of beads in this category are Thunder Polish Crystal or Preciosa Crystal beads. When looking through the various idea galleries for making crystallized jewelry, you are likely to find other lesser-known names. This certainly doesn’t mean you should rule them out, but searching for outstanding clarity, sparkle and quality can be the most important factors.


While Swarovski Elements are probably the best-known makers, Preciosa Crystal offers a wide variety of machine-cut and polished crystal beads, for example. You can find bicones, hearts, pears, drops, ovals and spacer beads, in a variety of colors. Thunder Polish offers high-quality Chinese crystals in a dazzling variety. The “Bling” balls are quite popular with their reflective brilliance, but large-hole varieties of polished beads are similar to the more-expensive Pandora beads, which are so popular.


Using full-leaded prisms that are precision-cut and polished, you can add the brilliantly-reflective elegance of crystal, but lead-free prisms are more affordable. When you are searching through crystal beads, you will find a large variety of choices that range from traditional shapes and designs to the newest, chic, “Bling”, which can make your jewelry more unique and eye-catching.

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  1. Well written post! Crystal beads are very popular for the “bling” effect. Women are always looking for the next eye-catching piece and by using crystal beads you accomplish just that! 🙂

    • Thx Gloria for taking the time to comment! I just love the “bling” impact of using crystal beads as well.

      • Thanks for the reply! Not many women dislike “bling” and even if they don’t choose to wear it, they still notice it! I love the photo you used from Flickr for the article. The colors along with the charm…simply beautiful!

  2. I never realized there were so many choices when using crystal beads! You have definitely opened my eyes to a broader array to create with!

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