Design Ideas for Beaded Bracelets

Glass Bead bracelets

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Bead Bracelets

Bead bracelets or Beaded bracelets are a great way to create some inexpensive new jewelry for you, a friend or to give away as gifts.

Many people actually make a career of selling their beaded jewelry on popular sites such as eBay. Beaded bracelets are very fun to make and are a very easy accessory to compliment your outfit on just about any occasion. Whether you have a wedding to go to this weekend, a planned trip out for a fancy dinner, or just a casual visit with family, try some of the design ideas for beaded bracelets we have listed below to draw a little extra attention to yourself this week.


A very simple design for a beaded bracelet, is purchase some netting from your local craft store or dollar store. The beaded netting is amazingly easy and fast to work with. You can produce a bracelet in as little as one night. You want to work with the netting vertically creating a sort of mesh like bracelet. You will then finish off the bracelet with a multi-strand clasp to secure the ends. Many stores also sell tubular netting.  This is a perfect way to create a unique inexpensive accessory. Cover a bangle you have, or grab one at the craft store, and then finish the bracelet with a set of bead caps and clasp.


You could make a flay peyote stitch bracelet using a size 8 delica bead and add a decorative trim using smaller size 11 beads. This unique pattern utilizes both the odd and even count flay peyote stitch. After you become comfortable with the stitch pattern, begin adding different textures to the bracelet. You could add drop beads, peanut shaped or even triangular shaped beads to create a unique one of a kind masterpiece. You could even use a small button as the clasp, or stitch on some really antique buttons or crystal beads to create a real eye grabber.


For the young crafters out there, a beaded chain is a great way to begin your crafting career. Daisy Chain is a perfect beginner project that is great to be worn just about every day. Bracelets made with beaded chain such as Chevron or St. Petersburg, look great when they are assembled with bugle and drop beads to create some contrast and texture.


If you want to create a beaded bracelet that will really grab attention, use the right angle weave and then work it with crystal beads or glass beads. These beads are perfect for the evening wedding. If you want to give the impression you are wearing a tennis bracelet, this bracelet is perfect. The right angle weave opens the doors to endless possibilities with beaded bracelet design. You can make your base of open-weave squares with the right angle weave, then decorate it the open squares with an assortment of the crystal beads or glass beads. You can substitute the tinier seed beads or even pearls that go with just about any eveningwear.


Finally you could take the idea of beaded ropes, that many use for necklaces, and trim this project down to a bracelet. Making your bracelet with beaded rope allows you to use just about any kind of shaped beads. You can turn a beaded rope into a work of art with just minimal effort. Use drop beads and a peyote stitch, you can use cubes and a tubular bracelet or experiment with crystal and glass beads to give that pizazz.

There is no right or wrong way to created a bead bracelets , so have fun with these beaded bracelet ideas.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful ideas! I never realized just how many possibilities there were for beaded bracelets! Everyone pushes necklaces and earrings as accessories but you make a great point: bracelets are a simple finishing piece to any outfit!

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your article! Bracelets are my passion and are (for the most part) very affordable 😉

  3. Great tips – bead netting sounds interesting! I like to make ropes of beads to match certain outfits, and then the ropes can be used as long necklaces, doubled to be shorter necklaces or wrapped a few times around my wrist as a chunky bracelet.

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