Design Ideas for Bead Earrings Are Not Hard To Come By

Bead Earrings

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Bead Earrings

Creating design ideas for bead earrings is a hobby I enjoy in my spare time. There are various designs one can utilize and all sorts of beads you can use to create beautiful beaded earrings. One can choose to use crystal beads and glass beads. Beading design ideas really aren’t that hard to come by.

Using beads to create beaded earrings is relaxing and fun. Crystal beads and glass beads make attractive beaded earrings. Both types of beads have so many colors to choose from. There is an infinite amount of designs you can create when designing beaded earrings with glass beads and crystal beads. Alternating colors between the two is especially pretty and eye-catching. You can create exotic and unique designs when making beaded earrings.

Many sites online sell beaded earrings patterns and the beaded earrings as well. You can discover amazing ideads just by viewing the patterns and beaded earrings made by others. It’s smart to check out the patterns they use when using glass beads or crystal beads.

You can also get beading design idea inspiration for your beaded earrings by looking for online tutorials by other crafters. There are tons of free tutorials that are easily located just by plugging in the search terms “beading design ideas” “crystal beads” and “glass beads” . Be sure to include the terms “free tutorial” as well to help screen your results. There are many more tutorials on the internet than earrings you could design in a lifetime.

If you’re a shopaholic too you can visit local shops in your area that sell beaded earrings. This is a wonderful way to get beading design ideas for your next batch of beaded earrings. Check out the prices they charge for their beaded earrings too. If you make enough beaded earrings it is possible for you to make money by selling online. Make sure you take notice of which sorts of beads and designs command higher pricing. Crystal beads are far more likely than glass beads to bring in money.

Never forget about the local craft fairs or community markets in your area. Visiting these places provides artists of all types with inspiration. It is certain that there are enormous amounts of beading design ideas just waiting to be discovered by you. Often times local artists offer classes or seminars where you can learn in person how to create beaded earrings. This is a wonderful opportunity to get beading design ideas and I would advise you not to waste it.

The motivated beader can find beading design ideas in their daily lives just by being aware and looking around. Design ideas for beaded earrings abound in nature. Of course sometimes all you have to do is just get out you glass beads and crystal beads and start arranging them and the beading design ideas just seem to flow.

There isn’t really a right way or a wrong way. It’s all about what works best for you in getting your beading design ideas for your bead earrings.

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  1. Another amazing article! I remember the first pair of earrings I made, I was so proud of myself! They can seem complicated but all earrings have the same basic design. There is inspiration everywhere 🙂

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Tonya. It’s a great point you make to keep things simple as beaded earrings are certainly worth the effort.

      • Thank you for the reply dear! I remember making a pair for my Mother early on and it broke my heart when she tried them on and they were far too heavy. I had not taken the weight of the beads in consideration before hand. Necklaces and bracelets can afford to be a bit heavier, but earrings for most sensitive ears need to be light weight.

  2. Thank you for the informative post. I have wanted to try my hand at earrings but wanted to read all I could first. Thanks to this article I am ready to try!

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