Designing Issues – Where To Start With Original Beading Projects

Beading Projects

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Beading Projects

Designing issues and knowing where to start can be the most difficult part of original beading projects, if you want them to look professionally created. There are several factors to consider when selecting the ideal beads for your finished piece. Whether you are making handmade jewelry or looming an interesting cover for a knick-knack box, designing your color scheme, choosing an accent piece and deciding on contrasting or similar qualities are factors in your bead choice and design.


One of the first designing issues is deciding on the color scheme for your beading project. There are some packages of beads that are already color-coordinated in various shades of pinks, blues or greens and yellows. You may want to choose similar colors or you might want to select those colors that are opposites on the color wheel, yet complimentary. You can always incorporate crystal beads, in a variety of colors or silver-plated spacers, to break up monotony, in your jewelry designs.


When you need to know where to start on original bead-weaving or looming projects, it’s possible to use graph paper and colored pencils, to draw out your design and color placements. Since one of the unpredictable designing issues is not being able to know whether you have made the best choices in bead colors or placement until you are finished with your project, this may be the best way to see.


If you are designing your own beaded jewelry, choosing an accent piece might be necessary and it’s possible a focal point needs to be added, such as a pendant drop. Accenting featured beads can be a great way to bring your design together. For naturalists, a wooden beaded necklace can be attractive with shell beads or stone spacers. It’s a matter of using your creativity, when it comes to selecting your accent beads, for your projects.


Should you choose similar beads or contrasting ones? Sometimes, a monotone color scheme can be elegantly simple, but for jazzy and contemporary designs, contrasting colors or materials may be exactly what you are looking for. A pearl beaded necklace can be simply elegant, but faceted crystal beads of different colors can be equally attractive, when worn with a black evening dress, for example.


When faced with designing issues in your beading projects, there are a few factors to consider, but artistic creativity may be a personal style that’s unexplainable. If you feel like doing it, you can try it because the great thing about beads is they can be re-strung or woven, into a different design.


It’s always a good idea to collect many different colors, shapes, sizes and styles of beads because you might be surprised at the different designs you can end up with. If you’re concerned about designing issues and you don’t know where to start, there are many helpful beading resources to be found online.  Some useful links are provided on this site to help get you started.

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  1. Thanks for the tips – this is very helpful. I love beading but really struggle with design ideas.

    • I get a lot of my design ideas from unlikely places and things I see everyday, eg a chandelier in a magazine can translate to a pair of gorgeous earrings. For jewellery inspiration, you could try an auction house online catalogue like Christies.

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