Faceted Crystal Beads And Their Attributes

Faceted crystal beads

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Faceted Crystal Beads

There are many used for faceted crystal beads, but they are primarily found in bead-making projects that include creating handmade jewelry. Because faceted crystal beads have a highly-reflective quality, they add shimmering elegance because they resemble diamonds and other cut stones. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Their wide variance in colors is a major attribute, when it comes to beading and handmade jewelry designs.


When you want to add twinkle and shine, add faceted crystal beads to your jewelry design! Some of the best-known choices are available from Swarovski Elements, since they are one of the leaders in Austrian-cut crystal, of all shapes and colors. These high-quality crystal beads resemble precious stones, offering the highly-reflective prisms that are required to add life and dazzle to your necklaces or bracelets and earrings.


There are other high-quality faceted crystal beads manufactured by Chinese makers, in addition to those offered by Czech manufacturers. Chinese crystal beads are more affordable than Austrian crystals, but Czech-faceted crystal beads are another good option and they are available in bi-color varieties. Since the Internet has created a worldwide marketplace for beading enthusiasts, there’s no lack of choices, when it comes to finding the highest-quality faceted crystal beads, to suit your budget.


Another attribute of faceted crystal beads is that you can find them in the most popular shapes, besides finding them with lead or other metal finishes, for additional durability and shine. Leaded-crystal beads are highly-prized because of their warm, inner glow and fire polished choices are flawlessly sleek, for additional shine.


Shapes can range from faceted teardrop beads double cone beads, cube beads or the ever-popular round and bicone bead varieties. It isn’t unusual to find polished pendant drops made into a variety of shapes, including snowflakes, hearts, butterflies, flowers or moons and donuts. Faceted crystal beads can open the possibilities for your handmade beaded jewelry and it can be as simplistically elegant or complex, as you desire.


You might want to add faceted crystal beads as a focal point, such as a starfish pendant drop incorporated into a shell bead necklace. On the other hand, you may decide that a strand of metallic-foiled faceted crystal bead is the perfect accompaniment to your latest contemporary outfit, for a night on the town.


The versatility of use could be an attribute of faceted crystal beads, since strands can be worn as jewelry or used as a window treatment, for example. Single stones can be hot-glue mounted for decoration on everything from refrigerator magnets to mirror or picture frames. They can be woven into beautiful sun-catchers or you could design bead-weaving projects with seed beads. The possibilities are endless, since there are many ways you can use them to embellish personal items or those you want to give as special handmade gifts. Since there are so many sizes, shapes, colors and varieties available, you’re only limited by your creativity, when it comes to adding sparkling elegance to your projects.

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  1. You have no idea how much this helped me! I wanted to bring something extra to my home-made jewerly business but i didn´t know what, faceted crystal beads are just what I need!

  2. There is something about these crystal beads that make them irresistible to buyers. I noticed a certain trend in my sales once I incorporated faceted beads. They are cherished.

    Wonderful article!

    • Thanks Heather I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Faceted beads are a great addition to any piece of jewelry and popular with buyers.

  3. I love making/wearing jewelry with faceted beads! The accessory that gets more comments and praise when I wear it is my large hole faceted crystal beaded necklace. It’s just turquoise, clear and ocean blue crystal beads but there is something about it that women are drawn to!

    Wonderful article!

    • Thanks Kaci for your comment. Faceted crystal beads are a great option and certainly draw attention to your beaded jewelry piece.

      • Thank you for the reply! They really do draw attention to the piece. Every woman needs at least one nice piece of jewelry with Faceted crystals!

        • Thanks Kaci. Please keep coming back to the site as it will continue to be updated. Please let me know if you have any topics of interest you would like to know more about.

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