Flower Shaped Beads Make Interesting Jewelry

Flower shaped beads

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Flower Shaped Beads

If you want to design some interesting jewelry, consider the variety of flower shaped beads that are available. While the five-petal shapes are popular, so are bell-shaped, star flower or roses and tulips. There’s no lack of creative ideas, especially since you can get them in a variety of colors and finishes, including vitral, frosted or faceted cuts.


It’s possible to find flower shaped beads made from glass or crystal, but you will also find a variety of them made in acrylic, wood or pendant drops made from gemstones. There are plenty of projects that can be made with flower shaped beads, so you are only limited by your imagination and the assortment you have in your supplies.


Flower shaped beads can be strung as spacers or accents in necklaces and bracelets, when you are making beaded jewelry. They are beautiful, when used as a focal point or used as the main components for your beaded jewelry. You can use them as skirts of fairies or angels, when making a charm bracelet or using other types of interesting jewelry fittings and mountings.


You can purchase flower-shaped bead caps, which allow you to make a variety of colorful and interesting jewelry designs. If you haven’t heard of Aurora Borealis flower-shaped beads, you are missing out on the perfect finish for adding iridescent-colored coating to your jewelry that needs a little extra pizzazz.


You can find many packaged beads in color coordinated choices, whether they are packaged in three different shades of light blue or strawberry-field packages of flower-shaped beads in red, pink and rose. Whether purchasing Czech pressed glass beads or Lucite flower-shaped beads, you can create interesting designs, in a number of color variations.


One of the most popular ideas for using flower-shaped beads is assembling cute little angels, by putting a bell-shaped bead onto a head pin, put on the angel wing charm, use a small pearl bead for the head and finish it off by attaching to a pendant chain or charm bracelet. You can make angel charms using different color varieties, including bronze metallic, two-tone fire opal and magenta, teal and purple glass flower shaped beads.


It’s possible to string a necklace or bracelet of roses or tulips in birthstone colors and include flat green leaves or crystal clear-top heart-shaped leaves, for a vine-like appearance. In pressed glass beads, you will find trumpet, tulip, rosebud and petal choices seem to work best. It’s possible to get these types of beads already strung in strands, for a quick and easy gift, but it’s simple to make projects that involve these fun and popular beads.


If you are looking for larger focal-point, there are larger flower-shaped beads you can purchase individually or by the piece. Regardless of your reason for purchasing flower shaped beads, you will find they are more interesting than standard bead shapes and they are especially popular for those that want to make interesting, handmade beaded jewelry.

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  1. I´ll definitely look up for Aurora Borealis flower shaped beads, I haven´t seen any yet, sounds amazing.

    • Good to hear from you Gina. The Aurora Boreakis flower shaped beads are definitely worth tracking down – they make great conversation pieces!

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