Fun Things To Make With Beads

Beaded Jewelry

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Beaded Jewelry

Beaded Jewelry – There are all kinds of fun things to make with beads and you can even get your children involved, if they love crafts.

There are many fun things to make with beads and you will find plenty of ideas that are easy enough for kids, but most adults have come to rely on beaded items to accessorize their wardrobe. What are some of these items?


Beaded Necklaces

There are all kinds of beaded necklaces you can make, because you will find pearl beads, gemstone beads and even, polymer clay, glass beads and silver or gold-plated beads have become popular. You can find a variety of colors and shapes or sizes, which is why many beading projects may be necklaces to match a special colored outfit or a multi-colored dress that calls for a certain style and length of neck adornment.


Beaded Earrings

For those that have pierced ears, beaded earrings are one of the fun things to make with beads and you can coordinate everything you own. Making your own beaded earrings offers all kinds of options, since you can use different weights and metals, for wire beading, besides a variety of bead types. You can make your earrings as simple or as complex as you want, but they are one of the fun things to make with beads that can also serve as a gift for a special friend or loved one.


Beaded Pendants

Making pendants is an easy project that teenage girls love to participate in. Even teenage boys can make pendants, since adding personalization is simple and they can express their personal style, without being limited to cheap, costume-jewelry “bling”. You might be surprised to find out how many teenage boys enjoy the fun things to make with beads, whether it’s a pendant for themselves, their mother or their latest crush!


Adorn Garments with Beads

Beaded embellishments have become a popular way to adorn garments. In fact, it’s possible to bead a necklace or pendant onto a shirt or make a beaded embroidery design on your favorite skirt. With today’s fashion trends, it has become more popular to adorn garments with beads and making an outfit from your own beaded fabric is one of the fun things to make with beads. For the truly crafty and resourceful, you can shop the clearance racks at the local discount store and turn an ordinary piece of clothing, into an extraordinary fashion statement.


When you are looking for the fun things to make with beads, things you wear are likely to be some of the most popular, whether clothing or beaded jewelry.

Since ancient cultures first strung a stone or shell onto a vine, personal adornment is a way to enjoy the artistic and creative expression, found in beadwork. It’s an affordable and fun way to involve the entire family, but it can be a relaxing hobby that allows you to express your personal tastes, as well!

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  1. The most amazing thing I´ve ever done with beads was a lace for a catholic wedding, its a tradition I didn´t know but I traveled a year ago to one of my relative´s wedding in Latin America, he showed me one a month before and I was fascinated with it, that was my gift to the bride, I did this really big lace with chrystal beads, it was beatiful and new to me.

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