Getting Beautiful Design Ideas for Beaded Necklaces and Beaded Jewelry

Bead Necklaces

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Bead Necklaces and Beaded Jewelry

I enjoy creating bead necklaces and beaded jewelry in my spare time. There are a variety of designs you can utilize and different types of beads you can use to create a beautiful beaded masterpiece. Crystal beads and glass beads are favorite beads of mine to use in making my creations.


Glass beads and crystal beads are especially beautiful. Glass beads and crystal beads come in a variety of colors so the types and variations in designing your beaded necklaces or beaded jewelry are infinite. I love alternating the bead colors between two or three differing colors and even alternating between glass or crystal beads with another type of bead. You can really create some unique designs by doing that.


There are many sites that sell beaded jewelry and beaded necklace patterns as well as beaded jewelry and beaded necklaces themselves. You can glean some amazing ideas by viewing beaded necklaces and beaded jewelry made by others. You can check out the patterns they use with glass beads, crystal beads, or other types of beads.


You can also get inspiration for your beaded necklaces or beaded jewelry creations by checking out the numerous online tutorials by other crafters. Most offer these tutorials for free and you can easily use a search engine to search for the key terms “tutorials”, “glass beads” “crystal beads” or other types of beads and come up with far more ideas or information than you could ever actually design in a lifetime.


If you enjoy shopping you can visit shops in the area that carry beaded jewelry or beaded necklaces. This is an excellent way to gather ideas for your next batch of beaded jewelry or beaded necklaces. You can also check out the prices they charge for the beaded jewelry or beaded necklaces and compare them with those of the online shops. Take note of which types of beads command more prices. Do glass beads or crystal beads command higher prices? How much of a price difference is there between glass beads and crystal beads. You never know you could be earning extra cash selling your beaded jewelry and beaded necklaces.


Craft fairs and community markets are also wonderful places to research great designs for your beaded necklaces or jewelry. You can discover all sorts of wonderful designs by crafters who craft their beaded necklaces and jewelry using all sorts of items in addition to glass beads and crystal beads. On many occasions you can get involved in classes offered by the crafters in these places and it’s a good way to learn new techniques and designs for making beaded jewelry and necklaces.


For someone who is motivated inspiration can be found for making your bead necklaces and beaded jewelry.

Nature is a great resource for patterns and ideas. Sometimes just getting out your glass beads and crystal beads and any other beads you might have and tinkering with them will provide you with the inspiration you need.

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  1. I’m lucky to have found this article. I have been in a rut for jewelry designs. I have so many new ideas to try out thanks to your site. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  2. Wow, brilliant article! Visit local shops? That’s a great idea! I used to base my price on similar pieces from shops online but by also getting the feel for the local market is a wonderful strategy!

    • Thanks for the feedback Charlotte. It’s always great to support local businesses and you can get great ideas for your bead projects by talking to others within the beading community.

  3. In support of my learning purposes, I every time used to download the video lectures from YouTube, since it is straightforward to fan-out from there.

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