Keeping Your Beads Organized

Bead organization

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Bead Organization

Keeping your beads organized lets you know exactly what kind of beads to use, should you ever want to duplicate one of your designs. Knowing where you purchased them can be helpful, too. There are several ways to accomplish organization, when it comes to keeping your beads organized, so it’s a matter of deciding which method works best for you.

Bead Organization – Disposable Food Containers

There are all sizes of disposable plastic food containers and keeping your beads organized can be easier, if you separate them in the sizes of containers you need. Since you can purchase these cheaply, you don’t need a major investment to keep your beads separated. Keep the top of the package, along with color or other information, in the same containers.

Bead Organization – Plastic Fishing Tackle or Sewing Boxes

It’s possible to find totes for fishing that feature a number of compartments, for different lures. This can be the perfect solution for keeping your beads organized. Sewing boxes can be found cheaply and there are some craft boxes that are specifically designed for beading. Most of these inexpensive storage options can be found at the neighborhood retail store.

Bead Organization – Screw Boxes Or Multi-Compartment Tool Boxes

The perfect organization for your beads can be the same types of tool boxes that separate screws and bolts, in the garage. Depending on whether you have a husband that has outgrown one of his older compartmentalized tool boxes, you might have this extra beading supply box laying around the basement or garage.

Bead Organization – Ziplock Plastic Bags

You don’t need to spend more than a few cents, keeping your beads organized. With ziplock plastic food bags, you can separate your beading supplies and easily see what is in each package. This can be an easy way to make a traveling beading kit, since you can package smaller baggies into a larger gallon bag and pack your beading project into your carry-on bag.

Bead Organization – Corkboards

Some beading hobbyists have purchased a corkboard and pin the little packages of beads to it, which allows you to see the colors and know when you need to purchase more of a particular package. This allows you to get ideas of color schemes, but you may find you like this system so well that you just keep adding more corkboard to your crafting room.

Bead Organization – Look In The Scrapbook Section Of The Hobby Store

Many small pieces needed for scrapbooking are similar to your beading supplies. Most hobby stores sell a tote that contains several plastic containers, designed to hold small pieces. If you are looking for something to separate your seed beads, make sure the lid fits tightly and the compartment walls meet at the bottom and top.

Keeping your beads organized isn’t difficult, once you have decided which method suits your needs. You can separate certain colors or separate silver, clay or gemstones and Czech glass beads, from your other stock. It’s a personal decision that makes it more convenient to start on your next project, regardless.

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  1. Corkboards! A brilliant idea!!!! I have used food containers and ziplock bags but I would have never thought of corkboards. Thank you for the idea 😀

    • Thanks Sierra. Keeping your beads organised seems to be a common problem in the beading community so it is always useful to hear what works from other beaders.

  2. Great list of organization! You’re right, it’s a common problem with beaders and with so many options to choose from it’s a little overwhelming to find what works for you.

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