Other Bead Shapes To Add To Your Beading Supplies

Bead Shapes

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Bead Shapes

There are different types of standard beads you should have in your beading arsenal, including round beads, faceted beads and small seed beads of all different sizes and colors.

Other bead shapes include are heart beads, oval beads, square beads, teardrop beads and tube beads. Through a combination of sizes and colors, you can make a wide variety of beaded jewelry items or interesting bead-weaving and embroidery projects.


When considering other bead shapes, heart-shaped beads may be considered the most popular.

While there are many romantics that love heart pendants, there are smaller beads that are heart shapes and they can be used as filler material or alternated with spacer beads. Since you can find these other bead shapes made in a variety of materials, crystal heart-shaped beads are as popular as other materials, such as gemstone or wooden beads.


The same is true of oval-shaped beads, which is one of the other bead shapes to consider. Oval beads are perfectly suited for a variety of projects and you will find them in all kinds of materials, with interesting color schemes. They come in acrylic hand-painted, Czech glass or strands of gold foil oval beads. The traditional crystal or wooden beads may be oval disks or elongated and egg-shaped.


Square beads are considered one of the other bead shapes that you should purchase, if you like to “think out of the box”, with your handmade jewelry projects. They are interesting to string, when spaced with round seed beads and you can get a variety of fun choices, when it comes to finishes and designs. Think of how interesting a necklace made from square silver beads and crystal spacers would be and then consider the differences in square wooden beads, spaced with stones or shells. The contrasts allow you to come up with elegant or playful jewelry creations. Painted acrylic or glass can be affordable options, while gemstone beads may cost slightly more.


Teardrop beads are popular other bead shapes, since teardrop-shaped beads can be used as pendants or incorporated as interesting filler beads, on a necklace, bracelet or mounted as earrings. Just imagine putting pearl or gemstone teardrop beads into a set of earrings or using larger sizes of teardrop beads as a focal point, in a necklace. It’s fairly quick and simple to make elegant jewelry for eveningwear, buy you can make fun and casual jewelry, depending on the finish and the other beads you use, in your design.


Last, but not least of the other bead shapes, would be tube beads, sometimes known as noodle beads. They are commonly used as filler or found in beaded fabric embellishment designs, such as embroidered hemlines or collars. They are especially useful for adding length and dimension to your jewelry designs and the long cylinder beads are helpful for spacing out other beads, such as carved wooden rosettes or even, round gemstone beads. To add focus to pendant drops, tube beads can be the perfect solution.

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    • My pleasure Daniel. Beads are a passion of mine so I enjoy sharing information with like-minded beading enthusiasts. It is always great to get feedback and comments so I can improve the content on the site.

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