Other Bead Styles To Add Elegance Or Visual Interest

Bead Styles

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Bead Styles

There are standard beads and also other Bead Styles you will want to include for adding a bit of pizzazz or uniqueness.

These more complex styles of beads add elegance and visual interest, so you don’t want to overlook them when stocking your supply boxes for making beaded jewelry. There are other projects you can incorporate them into but faceted beads, fire-polished beads and pressed glass beads are among the more popular alternatives for use in jewelry-making.


Faceted beads

Faceted crystal or glass beads resemble precious gemstones, although you can get gemstone beads that are faceted. When you want to add additional glimmer and sparkle, faceted beads are the easiest way to add elegance, whether in pendant drops or any variety of shapes you may find in other beads. You may decide to use them as spacers or fillers for other larger beads and they are just as attractive, when strands are used alone for necklaces or bracelets.


Fire-polished beads

The Czech Republic is probably best-known for their fire-polished beads, since it is a cottage industry, in that country. Because it has gone on for many years, these handmade beads offer some of the highest-quality glass for your jewelry-making projects. It’s possible to find faceted, fire-polished beads sold in batches, but there can be slight variations in coloring, so you will want to get as many as you think you will need. It’s possible to get packs of color-coordinated glass beads that have been fire-polished, making it simple to design your own jewelry, even if you are a beginner.


Pressed glass beeds

Pressed glass beads are popular and they date back more than 300 years. To form these molded beads, a glass rod is heated and pressed into a mold, allowing them to be formed in uniformity and mass production. So many different shapes and sizes can be manufactured, but the three-dimensional textures are one of the main reasons that beading enthusiasts love pressed glass beads. They may be uniformly round in shape, but they can also be like miniature sculptures, with a carved appearance.


These are just a few of the other styles of beads you can find, when you are looking for something more unique than plastic or acrylic beads. To add glimmer, character or three-dimensional quality to your jewelry designs, they are the most popular choices, however. You can find variations in colors and sizes, so there is hardly any project you can’t complete with total satisfaction, if you are able to utilize some of these varieties.


When considering these other styles of beads, you just need to decide whether to use them alone or with spacers, such as silver-plated roundelles or seed beads. You may use them for embellishing fabrics or smaller beads can be used for trimming the edge of a scarf or collar.

There are many uses for these other bead styles, once you have become familiar with their diversities.

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  1. I love necklaces with pressed glass breads, I really didn´t know all the other names and types before reading this, so thanks a lot.

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