Rondelle Beads Add Visual Interest To Jewelry Or Clothing

Rondelle beads

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Rondelle Beads

Whether your next beading project is a fabric decoration, home décor embellishment or a handmade necklace, rondelle beads are an easy way to add visual interest. You may be wondering what types or sizes are available, but it’s easy to find a diversified selection of colors, sizes and materials, when you search through the online marketplace or at your local bead shop.



Rondelle beads are typically used as spacers in jewelry-making, since they give the appearance of round, flattened beads, like a donut or disk.

You can find them in every color of the rainbow, when made of plastic, resin or crystal and glass. This is another reason they are popular for those that want to incorporate rondelle beads to make intricate fabric designs. Regardless of the purpose, many crafters are finding these alternative or filler beads can provide the visual interest they are searching for.


It’s possible to find gemstone-faceted rondelle beads, made from Garnet, Black Onyx or Rose Quartz, just to name a few choices. Jade, Turquoise and Amethyst are some other examples of the colorful choices available. Even multi-colored “lampwork” glass beads may be made into rondelle beads and Swarovski crystal beads are offered in all color varieties. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a limited budget for your next beading project, since there are very affordable choices.


On the other hand, there are some ornate and richly-embellished choices, such as the rondelle beads with crystals or those that are copper, silver or gold-plated. When you are designing the most interesting jewelry, adding visual effect is possible. You can find some unusual finishes, such as gold foil or fiber optic glass beads, pre-strung in strands. Vitral and frosted glass are other interesting finishes, which add visual appeal.


Sterling silver rondelle beads are frequently used as spacers between larger crystal beads or they are especially eye-catching, when used between gemstone beads, whether faceted or round polished. It seems there are plenty of ideas for using rondelle beads, whether for elegant necklaces or fun, casual bracelets that can be fashioned from leather knotted cord and rondelle beads. These casual, yet popular designs can be worn alone or with other handmade bracelets, for a layering effect.


This is just one of many ideas, even though they are commonly used as spacers. It’s possible to make interesting bead-weaving projects, such as crystal flowers in different colors, for an interesting necklace, charm bracelet or sweater decoration. For beading enthusiasts, there are a number of projects you can decorate, whether making handbags, embellishing scarves or adding a decorative beaded embroidery hem, to a favorite skirt.


If you think about the many ways you can use rondelle beads, you can’t rule out those that require the hot glue gun, because you can make some personalized picture frames or mosaic mirror frames, to give as gifts. It’s a matter of choosing the project and getting started, when it comes to ideas designed for interesting visual effect.

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  1. Even when rondelle beads are used as spacers its all about creativity, I once did a necklace out of rondelle beads I had left, different sizes and different colors, it came out to be a great piece.

    • Thanks for your comment Jamie – it always great to hear about other people’s beading experiences and beading designs. Do you have a link you could post so our readers can see?

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