Round Crystal Beads Add A Special Touch

Round crystal beads

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Round Crystal Beads

It’s true that you can use round crystal beads to create necklaces and bracelets or earrings, when beading handmade jewelry.

They also make good fillers for other types of beads, including wooden beads, shells, natural stones or bones and if you need spacers for gemstone beads, they add a special touch. Since you can find them in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, there’s hardly any project you can’t use them on!


The versatility of round-crystal beads is a major reason many beading enthusiasts always keep them in stock. You can find them in multi-colored options or pearl-like beads and some resemble polished wooden beads, with beautiful grains. There are some round crystal beads that are faceted or covered in metallic foil, to bring additional glimmer and dazzle, to your jewelry projects.


When paired with silver-plated seed beads, they can be crafted into a simply-elegant beaded necklace and they are beautiful, when staggered individually, on multiple wires. It’s easy to pair round crystal beads with almost any handmade jewelry project you are working on. You can find them in every color of the rainbow, so making birthstone jewelry is easy, when you incorporate round crystal beads.


Cubic Zirconia round-crystal beads or those made from leaded crystal can resemble a diamond necklace, when strung as a necklace or bracelet and they are popular as earrings, too. When you are looking to add radiance and reflective qualities to more expensive beads, such as gemstones, they are the perfect spacers or fillers, yet they are more affordable. There are many choices for adding brilliance and elegance to your handmade jewelry designs so beading enthusiasts may have a difficult time deciding on which ones to use!


Faceted, fire polished Chinese round crystal beads are probably the most affordable, but there are Czech versions that are innovative and sparkling, as well. It’s hard to beat the iridescent glow of Swarovski’s Austrian round crystal beads, since they are the leader in the jewelry-making elements business, however. While they may be a little more expensive, the added brilliance has gained them a top spot, when it comes to the beautiful choices and their wide array of colors in round crystal beads.


If you are a beginner to beading, consider round crystal beads a staple in your projects. An assortment of shapes, sizes and colors can offer a wide variety of choices, when it comes to your original, handmade jewelry designs. Regardless of your sources, you will find them affordable and some of them are already strung in stands, to make your projects quick and easy.


Whether you are using round crystal beads as the main component or as spacers and fillers in your handmade jewelry projects, you will find they offer the versatility and highly-reflective brilliance you are seeking. If you want to turn an ordinary-looking design into an extraordinary one, you simply need to add some round crystal beads and watch the transformation take place, quickly!

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  1. Thanks so much for this tips, I know now that round beads can bring that elegance I want, I will use them for sure on my next project.

  2. Thank you for the info! As a beginner jewelry maker I am looking for any help possible during this journey. I’m excited to make a birthstone bracelet from your suggestion!

  3. This is a great article! Round crystal beads are my favorite type to use, especially when I’m making a piece for myself 🙂

    Kudos dear!

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