Round Glass Beads And Their Many Uses

Round glass beads

CC Image courtesy of Christine Leiser on Flickr

Round Glass Beads

There are many uses for round glass beads, but they are most popular as fillers. They can be quite beautiful, if you select some of the unique choices that are available, so it isn’t unusual to see strands of them worn as a necklace or bracelet, however. If you are creative, you will find many different ways to incorporate round glass beads into craft projects, since they come in all sizes and colors, including seed beads. Whether you are beading a handmade necklace or using the hot-glue gun to decorate items around your home, you will find them to be a highly-versatile bead.


There are different types of round glass beads, since there are a variety of ways that these shiny beads are made. They might be molded, pressed or blown, fire-polished or textured and every color variation is available, including multi-colored round glass beads or marbled and mottled bi-colored ones. Because they are made in Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, China and even, the United States, round glass beads are styled in a variety of ways and price ranges.


These choices are perfect for using as spacers between shells, stones and even, as filler on a pendant necklace. Wooden beads are made more colorful, when you incorporate complementary colors, but you may opt for a necklace made from round glass beads that resemble highly-polished, wood-grained marbles. Their sleek, polished look is appropriate for elegant eveningwear jewelry, but you can assemble casual and playful jewelry items, just as easily and quickly.


For beginners, they are more affordable than using crystal or gemstone beads, yet you can imitate the reflective qualities that these more expensive beads offer. For those looking to stock supplies, it is good advice to include a variety of round glass beads, in different sizes and colors. Regardless of other choices, they can stretch your supply of more expensive and specialty beads, since they are attractive as fillers, regardless of what they are paired with.


There are so many different project ideas for using round glass beads that they are too numerous to list. For those that love to use the hot-glue gun, seed beads can be used on bookmarks or used to craft a personalized picture frame. Larger round glass beads can be used to make a colorful glass candle holder or glued to a vase, for a reflective and attractive room accessory. You’re only limited by your imagination, when it comes to this aspect of crafting, but beading enthusiasts can make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, key chains or sun-catchers and macramé hangers, too.


If you are searching for multi-purpose beads to add to your collection, consider the choices of round glass beads. Since there are so many choices in sizes and colors, it’s a matter of finding favorite colors and sizes, to suit your budget. They are the most affordable choices, when it comes to spacers for jewelry projects or for stringing a necklace, as a personal gift, at the last minute.

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  1. I know how to make bracelets out of beads and i usually used round glass beads as a decoration to some bracelets i am making.Its not only beautiful but also low priced compared to other kinds of beads in the market.And there are lots of variation to choose from.We also have some Christmas decoration in our house with Round glass beads.

    • Good feedback Miramaducdoc. Round glass beads are good value for money and the beauty of beading is that are beads available at every pricepoint.

  2. This article gave me a good idea a start a business on making accessories out of glass beads. I’ve already seen round glass beads in necklace and bracelets and I really am impressed. It looks really elegant and could not believe that those are made only of glass. I think this will attract many buyers.

  3. wow, the bracelets are beaitufil. jewels make the owener be better and more impressing. nice picts

  4. These jewelries are just so beautiful and I love it. I think it will make you look much more elegant than wearing the gold jewlries.

  5. I have made jewels but have not tried with with beads and i also dont know their names. This one is quite useful for me and i am sure that I will try making one. The uploaded picture is also nice.

  6. Batencila Annabelle

    I love beads and my daughter is fond of making this as jewelries and sometimes it’s a good business too, you can sell it at a reasonable price. It has lot of colors that many people love.

  7. golden combination nice !!!

  8. My sister is a great lover of beads and love wearing beads in a form of necklace,bracelet and she even used it to decorate her purse or even bag by mixing different color combination and its just look awesome….

  9. Actually I don’t use the round glass beads as accessories usually. But yes, I’d like to have a try, after reading this article. Hope it is not difficult to make some necklace by my own.

    • It’s always refreshing to hear reader feedback so thanks for taking the time to comment Kerry. I suggest you have a go at making a round glass bead necklace and let us know if you have any questions as you go.

  10. It is great the bead and the glasses that worked to carve the beautiful necklaces and bracelets.
    There are many choices and probably i prefer the glass carved one or the gem stones. Wooden beads are also good but they need to be make feel more natural which may lack.
    Come to handmade they are more beautiful and than machine made as a good artist can make beautiful desgin which may lacked in machine

    • Thanks for your comment Rajeev. I agree that while it is great to consistency from machine produced round glass beads, there is always that special touch of quality when the beads are made by hand.

  11. This beaded necklace is a beauty. I like it’s Earth-tone colors, it can be wore for going out to dinner. Seems this beautiful beaded necklace will be great as a Christmas gift or a Mother’s Day gift for mothers. Since I like Earth-tone colors I wouldn’t mind having two of these necklaces. Such great beaded work.

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