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Silver plated beads

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Silver Plated Beads

Silver plated beads are available in a variety of sizes, depending on what your budget can afford. They are popular for use in handmade beaded jewelry and this is especially true of the latest designs in beaded jewelry, worn by college students or teenagers. It really doesn’t matter what age you are, since jewelry made from silver plated bead can be worn with evening wear or added to colorfully-beaded jewelry, designed for casual wear.


Silver plated beads are more affordable than solid silver beads, making them perfect for any occasion. The sleek silver coating adds reflective qualities to your beaded projects, and they won’t tarnish. A cheaper metal bead is coated in silver, offering a lower-cost alternative for an expensive look, without the high price tag.


Students of college and high school age have adopted round, silver plated bead to make simplistic necklaces or bracelets. They are available in all types of designs, including open-weaved Bali-style or interestingly-textured Stardust beads with large holes, for weaving onto leather strips or colorful braided strings, making it a quick and easy project.


When used as spacers, silver plated bead are the perfect way to separate crystal or glass beads. The reflective quality adds sparkle and shine to your handmade beaded jewelry, but they can be used in many different projects, since they are sold in seed bead sizes. You can design a custom vanity mirror and comb set for a new bride or pair silver plated beads with turquoise beads, for a southwestern bookmark or refrigerator magnet. These are a few simple beading project ideas you might think of, but there are plenty of uses, regardless of size.


Any projects that could benefit from glimmer and shine might be the perfect project for using silver plated beads. Since they are available in all kinds of shapes, you can use them for decorating buttons or making a collar border or decoration, on a dressy jacket. You can create personalized gifts or make a special piece of beaded jewelry to wear for a special occasion. Since tapered ovals, Stardust sparkle round and antique silver plated beads or drops have become a popular way to add elegance and sophistication, a simple project can become quite eye-catching.


For your home, you might want to make a silver plated beaded charger dish for your place-settings, at a formal dinner table or create special napkin holders, for the holiday table. Get out the hot glue gun and create a picture frame of silver plated beads or add decorative trim to an outdated desk lamp.


Since there’s no end to the number of handmade beaded jewelry and other projects for your home, it’s no wonder that college students and teenagers are so attracted to the shiny glimmer of silver plated beads. As a distinctively reflective metal, there’s no end to the number of ways you can add shimmer or glimmer to your handmade beaded jewelry or creative crafting projects.

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  1. I love the idea of the refrigerator magnets, they could look great in different shapes, I´ll give it a try.

    • Welcome Dennis. Silver plated beads used to create a refrigerator magnet is quirky and a good conversation starter. It would be great to hear how you go.

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