Time to Bead


Beads and their many uses
Crystal beaded bangle

CC Image courtesy of swarock.com on Flickr

Beading can provide countless hours of fun and joy for so many people.  No matter your age or your beading experience, there is always a suitable beading project available, whether it is for a child stringing a plastic bead bracelet for the first time or for the professional arranging a stunning beaded creation for the bride to be.  Beads can be used for so many purposes which include necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets or even to adorn garments, just to name a few.


Choose your beads and get the family involved

Colour Beads

CC Image courtesy of dougww on Flickr

There are so many different types of beads it is not hard to find inspiration.  Beads come in all different materials, shapes, sizes and styles and all different price points.  No matter what your level of interest or investment you will be catered for.   So, whether it be the simplicity and beauty of glass beads, the elegance and sparkle of crystal beads or simply the beautiful and bright colours of plastic beads, set your budget and plan your next beading project.  Our aim is that the information in this website will help you along your beading journey.


  1. Catherine Stewart

    Nice work, very professional, will forward to a few of my friends who are also bead enthusiasts.

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