Wood Beads Are Perfect For Naturalist Jewelry

Wood beads

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Wood Beads

There are many naturalists that love their jewelry to be made from the earth’s natural resources. Wood beads are the perfect solution for the ecologically-minded, since they are very attractive, when paired in beaded necklaces with stones, shells or bones. There are many different choices, since you can find perfectly sanded and artistically-grained woods of various colors and it isn’t unusual to find them hand-carved or cut in all kinds of shapes and sizes.


Exotic wood beads are popular and you can find plenty of exotic varieties, including those made from black ebony or tiger ebony, redwood, rosewood and bayong trees. Colorful beads can be found since there are many choices of colors, in painted or stained varieties. They may be round, cubed or elongated ovals, but hand-carved wooden rosette beads make it simple to string a necklace, using a combination of round wood beads, with occasional spacing of these hand-carved ones. There are many different projects you can use them for, including macramé plant hangers or decorative wall hangings.


For the naturalist, you may want to make a special jewelry gift of wood beads, paired with shell beads or pearls. Anytime you want to add a natural appeal to your handmade jewelry, you should consider the variety and visual appeal of unfinished wood beads, including those made from sustainable sources, such as bamboo, boxwood or palm. Imagine the interesting jewelry projects you can make by beading them with a variety of large seeds or nuts, to make a bracelet or necklace. Using seeds as spacers between wooden beads of interesting grains is an earthy, jewelry design.


Wooden beads are perfect for younger beading enthusiasts and you can find larger sizes, with large holes, for simple string projects. You can get your kids involved in beading and because there are many choices to select from, you can choose the unfinished wood beads and let them paint their own or select assorted color packages of wood beads. Since these are probably some of the most inexpensive varieties, you will find they are a good alternative to plastic or acrylic beads, when you decide to teach your children this fun and relaxing craft hobby.


Adults love the look of wooden jewelry and you can craft special gifts for your friends and family, without a major investment. While they are perfect complements to glass or crystal beads, a necklace or bracelet made from wood beads is quite attractive, without any other types of embellishment. Just select different sizes or choose from a variety of exotic woods and you can create unique projects, every time.


Of course, you can produce handmade jewelry with a taste of sophistication by adding silver-plated beads or colorful crystal spacers. Coral dagger beads or turquoise stones are quite attractive, when paired with wood beads. Your imagination is the only limitation, since you can find all different varieties of materials, shapes, sizes and colors. For naturalist jewelry, wood beads are a major ingredient.

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  1. These kind of beads are really in, I have sold many pieces of wooden beads that come in different colors, your site is great you give lots of information and ideas, thanks.

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